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📸  snapshots of my creative adventure!

Welcome to Tidbits, home to all my seasoned passion projects! Aside from my professional design work, I also like to nurture my artsy and experimental side through these projects and artworks. As of now, I've mainly been working with people to design website experiences through volunteer projects and also pursuing my hobby of doodling to express my thoughts through fine art projects!

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Volunteer Projects- Puget Sound PMI

I design unique solutions for PSPMI’s live website and social media to improve PSPMI's web presence and facilitate project managers' career growth while closely working with multiple portfolio groups, leadership, and developers!



Reimagining the educational experience

Redesign of the education section by incorporating the shifting priorities and customer requirements. Worked closely with leadership to define the goal, strategized the information architecture and user flows to create designs that help customers navigate through heavy information, enroll in classes and webinars easily.


Currently, working with developers to update the website in systematic increments by troubleshooting problems, understanding limitations, and making real-time adjustments to achieve the design.


Support from the community!

PSPMI gives a platform for organizations to support their project managers or program managers as they get certified and helps them get connected with new talent in the community.

With the changing times of COVID-19, in-person events were canceled and it was important for us to redesign our Sponsorship section to showcase our sponsorship benefits and updated partnership information through seamless customer navigation and follow-up communication.


Bring change to the community!

The communication team is the primary way to be connected with people and this way to keep people updated about the organization and to constantly understand our customer's need.

Designed a website and newsletter experience and was responsible for defining the goal, target audience, and strategies for user flows and information architecture.



Empower the community

To engage with the community, the marketing team publishes interactive questions, articles, and podcasts on the website.


As a designer, I create interactive solutions, marketing content, and announcements after evaluating the target audience and business goals to engage customers and increase PMI's web presence.

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Puget Sound PMI Gallery

Fine Arts
Group 12.png

Fine arts

I find creating art very therapeutic which helps me express my inner thoughts which I may not be able to express in words. It is a way for me to rejuvenate and relax, and spend some quality time with myself.

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