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Hi, I’m Aparna!

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I'm a Product Designer with a background in architecture and project management. My journey began when I started observing people focussing on their words and body language. I could read between the lines and understand their unsaid needs. I wanted to help people and motivate them to achieve much more in the best way I could.

So, I became a designer to fulfill my passion and design solutions that impact millions of people!


Curiosity drives and motivates me to learn new things every day and dive deep into user research while taking advantage of my empathetic and observant nature. It is exciting when I identify the unapparent problem and I cannot give up until I figure out a solution! 


With evolving technology, I aspire to take advantage of cutting-edge technology to create solutions that evolve over time and empower people to achieve more every day! 


Participating in hackathons has been a great way to connect with talented individuals and share a wide range of ideas on diverse topics.

Let's connect and make a difference in our community together.

My Design Philosophy

“Design for the Future, Keeping in mind the Problems of Today”

I like to watch movies, create miniature models and cook international cuisines!  I like being outdoors visiting new places, hiking,  and playing tennis are my quick escapes. Weekends are relaxing and I spend playing board games with friends and family.

When the work shoes come off...


Fine arts

I find creating art very therapeutic which helps me express my inner thoughts which I may not be able to express in words. It is a way for me to rejuvenate and relax, and spend some quality time with myself.

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