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Empower the community!

To engage with the community, the marketing team strategized on ways we could interact with our members in a passive way. OUr strategies include publishing interactive questions, articles, and podcasts on the website.

Impact: Maximized content views (over 100+ views per episode) by crafting graphics and illustrations based on trending content and user sentiments on social media.

Project Highlight

Engaging users during the pandemic. 


UX lead- identifying the problem, strategizing execution, designing influential UI

Design Platform

Website design- Live




With the changing times of COVID-19, in-person events were canceled and it was difficult to reach our audience and exchange information as we used prior to the pandemic.

Business goal:  Increase viewers and expand our member base .


I evaluated the Google analytics on our website and created the marketing content that engages the users on the website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  

To  improve PMI's web presence, I designed slider images for teh podcast that visually translates podcast content. 

We launched our podcasts on Buzzsprout and linked our slider images to it.


Podcast visual design 

Podcast series -1 -modified to with.png
circle - yellow-1.png
buzzsprout – 8.png
podcast- 1.png
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