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Bring change to the community!

The communication team is the primary way to be connected with people and this way to keep people updated about the organization and to constantly understand our customer's need.

Designed a website and newsletter experience and was responsible for troubleshooting the problem, defining the goal nad target audience. Proposed strategies to increase members through the userflow on the website. Created templates for newsletter that can be reused.

Impact: Designed and managed 5+ creative content creation monthly across the website and newsletter increasing 50+  memberships in 3 months.

Project Highlight

Engaging exisitng PSPMI members and attracting new customers to the organisation.


UX lead- identifying the problem, strategizing execution, designing influential UI

Design Platform

Website design- Live


Completed in 2 weeks


With the changing times of COVID-19, in-person events were canceled and it was important for us to keep our members updated with the organisations activities.


With everything being virtual, we saw a fall in the number of members as it was very difficult to engage members and them in virtual setting or send out physical newsletters.

We usually have at 10+ people sign-up for members during in-person events. But now, we hadn't even 1 person become a member in the past 6 months!

Business goal:  Increase the membership count.


I proposed strategies and the ways we could make the infomation available to the users. Through multiple discussions we decided the membership information would now be available for everyone.

Two design solutions proposed were-

  1. A placeholder on the website to engage users and prompt them to click on the link with the excitement to view the content. 

  2. The newsletter itself did not follow any PMI guidelines and had to be redesigned to have a consistent format. So, I created templates for multiple combinations so the team could make edits based on the information they had.

Working sessions

Before- newsletter design

Group 750.png

After- Placeholder on website

Group 751.png
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