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Passionate to

impact and empower

millions of people!

I'm a Product Designer from Seattle. As an experienced Architect, I have learned to identify unapparent problem and imagine endless opportunities to design meaningful end-end solutions. I can synthesize large numbers of competing requests and make high-velocity design decisions in fast paced agile environments.

Professional Projects

Artboard – 5.png


An online tool that generates personalized AI-powered ads for diverse templates in seconds. This project focuses on a smooth onboarding process and multiple saving options to successfully publish an ad.

UX / UI / Interaction design / Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Website Design / Live project

Artboard – 6.png

(AWS Backup console)

AWS Backup enables customers to centralize and automate data protection across all AWS services. This is cost-effective, fully managed, and simplifies data protection at scale.

This feature focuses on one of the complex problems of strategically protecting and backing up data. With this solution, customers can efficiently assign resources to their backup plan optimizing cost and time.

UX / UI / Interaction design / Console design / AWS backup / Live project


Microsoft Azure IoT Hack

Won 3rd place in a 30-day hackathon to design a water sustainability solution that motivates users to conserve water. Worked closely with developers to incorporate  Azure IoT technologies into the solution.

UX / UI / Interaction design / Product design/ Website Design / Information architecture/ Live project

🏆 Winner

hf screens dark.PNG


A Smart Home application that protects a person’s privacy and secures their data, while users enjoy the unlimited potential of IoT voice and home automation.

Product Design / User Research/ Internet of Things (IoT) / Branding / Visual Design

PMi cover@3x.png

Puget Sound- Project Management Institute (PSPMI)

Website solutions for PSPMI’s live website and social media to improve PSPMI's web presence and facilitate project managers' career growth while closely working with multi-disciplinary portfolio groups, leadership, and developers!

UX / UI / Interaction design / Website Design / Live project

Artboard – 3.png


A desktop application that helps students stay motivated and focussed as they collaborate efficiently with peers in a virtual learning environment during the challenging times of Covid-19.

Product Design / User Research/ Interaction Design / Visual Design/ Desktop application /  Subscription model

cover picture.jpg


Design a-thon 2020 By Austin Design Week

Shortlisted in the Top 5! Designed a process for small businesses to collaborate with one other to help stay in business and sustain during the challenging times of Covid-19

Experience Design / Conceptual Design / Visual Design / User testing


Cadie triad 
(name changed for privacy purposes)

Enterprise Application Software (EAS)

Website solution that streamlines the data entry process and improves data management in a training pipeline for a government organization. Created design systems and designed the information architecture.

UX / UI / Interaction design / Information architecture/ Website Design / Live project

Upcoming Project- Stay tuned!



UX Design Hackathon 2020

A two-day hackathon, to design an onboarding solution for a smart dog collar. Competed with 140 teams and submitted four challenges. 

Experience Design / Conceptual Design/ Interaction Design

Upcoming Project- Stay tuned!

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