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  • Aparna Ghantasala

User Research- Ask the right questions

As Designers, we may be in a hurry to get to the solutions but it is important for us to pinpoint the right problem and solve for the pain points. This begins by asking the right questions during user interviews without leading the user, and you never know this may unravel exciting insights!

Some questions to avoid are:

❌"What would you use this product for?"

✔People are terrible at predicting their future behaviors.

Rather, ask them to recall how they solved a problem in the past or what caused the problem in the first place. Someone’s behavior in the past can be a great way to understand what they’ll do later.

❌"Do you like this design? Would you find this feature useful?"

✔The majority of people don’t know what makes a design good unless they are trained designers. They can look at it and say that it looks nice.

Rather, a task-driven usability test, or A/B testing can help analyze how users react to the new feature and help understand the workability of the product.

❌“Would your mum/child/friend use this?”

✔ Asking users to predict the future, a big NO!

Rather, be picky about your participants and only recruit those people who fit your target audience.


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