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  • Aparna Ghantasala

Smart Speaker: Privacy is the need of the hour

I worked on a User Experience project call SAFOME in April 2020, which focused on the privacy of user as they interact with smart speakers like #Cortana #Googlemini OR #Alexa. Based on by User study and research, I proposed that users could delete private recordings before it got synced to the cloud to protects user's privacy and secure their data.

It makes me extremely happy to see that #Amazon was also concerned about User's privacy and have launched similar updates to its #AlexaPrivacyHub at its product launch September 2020. @David Limp demonstrated new features that give consumers more control over Alexa privacy settings.

A huge thank you to my mentor Eugenia Ortiz and Laura Ballay who supported me through this User Experience research project at Springboard.

Below are a few images from my product SAFOME and Alexa's mobile application. #privacy #cybersecurity #uxdesign #userexperience #visualdesign

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