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  • Aparna Ghantasala

Mistakes can be measured!

'Task Error' is another success metric I follow to measure the #uxdesign success of the product. It has helped me measure how well users perceive the product, understand the features and interact with it to complete the task. It is natural for users to make mistakes while navigating through a product, but it is important for us ( #designers) to understand how "huge" the mistake is.

I ask questions like "is this mistake repeated with every user?" "Do the users get lost while completing the task or can they successfully navigate themselves?" "What is this confusing the user and Why?"

I categorize the types of errors that users encounter, which keeps me focused on the pain points to iterate the #UI problems, #informationarchitecture, or the #userflow to improve the learnability and accessibility of the product. #customerexperience #success #strategy #customersatisfaction #accessibilitydesign #uidesign #uxdesigns #userresearch #userexperience


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