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Passionate to

impact and empower

millions of people!

I'm a human-centered Architect turned Product designer with 9 years of experience designing end-to-end physical product designs. Curious to identify the unapparent problem motivates me to propose out-of-the-box ideas and design meaningful solutions.


Snapshots of my creative adventure!

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icons8-art-document-100 (1).png
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icons8-microscope-100 (4).png
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icons8-watch-100 (2).png
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A Smart Home application that protects a person’s privacy and secures their data, while users enjoy the unlimited potential of IoT voice and home automation.

Product Design / User Research/ Internet of Things (IoT) / Branding / Visual Design

Artboard – 5.png


An online tool that generates personalized AI-powered ads for diverse templates in seconds. This project focuses on a smooth onboarding process and multiple saving options to successfully publish an ad.

UX / UI / Interaction design / Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Website Design / Live project



A 30-day hackathon working with developers to design an Azure IoT powered system to address the problem of water sustainability. 

UX / UI / Interaction design / Website Design / Information architecture/ Live project

Artboard – 3.png


A desktop application that helps students stay motivated and focussed as they collaborate efficiently with peers in a virtual learning environment during the challenging times of Covid-19.

Product Design / User Research/ Interaction Design / Visual Design/ Desktop application /  Subscription model

PMi cover@3x.png

Puget Sound- Project Management Institute (PSPMI)

Website solutions for PSPMI’s live website and social media to improve PSPMI's web presence and facilitate project managers' career growth while closely working with multi-disciplinary portfolio groups, leadership, and developers!

UX / UI / Interaction design / Website Design / Live project



UX Design Hackathon 2020

A two-day hackathon, to design a onboarding solution for a smart dog collar. Competed with 140 teams and submitted four challenges. 

Experience Design / Conceptual Design/ Interaction Design

p-cover picture.png


A responsive website design to help customers find the perfect dog to adopt by matching a customer profile with the dog's personality profile.

Product Design / User Research/ GV Sprint / Interaction Design


Cadie triad (name changed for privacy purposes)

Enterprise Application Software (EAS)

Website solution that streamlines the data entry process and improves data management in a training pipeline for a government organization. Created design systems and designed the information architecture.

UX / UI / Interaction design / Website Design / Information architecture/ Live project

cover picture.jpg


Design a-thon 2020 By Austin Design Week

Shortlisted in the Top 5! Designed a process for small businesses to collaborate with one other to help stay in business and sustain during the challenging times of Covid-19

Experience Design / Conceptual Design / Visual Design / User testing

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